Why The Fuck

We are a creative studio practicing Technomancy, the art of creating magical technological experiences.

Driven by experimentation, innovation, and breaking things, we're constantly exploring new mediums of technology and experimental mechanics.

Our work is open-source and copyright free.

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What The Fuck

image description GOLOS ⬡ iOS app : gamified life tracker Game of Life Operating System — An attempt at creating a game-like interface for living life.

A project Felix been working on for as long as memory lasts, currently on the 6th major iteration of prototypes. Coming to the App Store Summer 2023.

Download the TestFlight beta.
image description WaWeGonaDo‽ ⬡ iOS app : ranked choice voting + friends A messaging app for helping your group of friends make decisions in the most democratic way possible. As a bonus, it animates how the Ranked Voice Alternative Vote Run-off process works. Coming to the App Store Spring 2023.

Download the TestFlight beta.
image description VisaViz ⬡ macOS app : data-viz + twitter archive A tool for (data) visualizing ALL of a person's tweets. Inspired by @VisakanV, this app will load your Twitter archive and display all of your tweets in a giant grid. It's color-coded by person and likes + retweets.

Download the app from Github.
image description Unnamed ⬡ scripts : AI + taxes Do you hate doing your taxes or paying someone else too much money to do them for you? We're building a library to automate this process once and for all. Coming 2024.

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