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Why The Fuck

We are a creative studio practicing Technomancy, the art of creating magical technological experiences.

Driven by experimentation, innovation, and breaking things, we’re the pioneers of share-to-mint, on-chain mutation, perma-nifties and yoink-chain Smart Contract mechanics.

Our work is open-source and copyright free.

Explore our projects below and join the conversation on Discord.

What The Fuck

image description FUCK YOUS ⬡ mutable on-chain NFTs A 100% on-chain NFT collection that uses on-chain mutation mechanics. Design and re-design the FUCK YOUs on-chain at any time. Score limited edition traits during special mutation events.

Get and mutate one of 10,000 FUCK YOUs at
image description The Worm ⬡ social on-chain NFTs A 100% on-chain social NFT that uses share-to-mint. Get The Worm, pass it along, and it will mint you a permanent memento of your special time together.

Track The Worm and learn more at
image description artsee ⬡ browser extension for NFTs A browser extension for admiring your NFTs every time you open a new tab. Make your Web 2 experience a little more Web 3. Available for Brave & Chrome at
image description CryptoJunks ⬡ off-chain IPFS NFTs An NSFW NFT collection of pixel art Junks made from more than 1,200 attributes. The CryptoPunks set the standard for NFT pixel art … the CryptoJunks aim a little lower.

Grab some Junk at
image description hexis ⬡ off-chain IPFS NFTs An animated NFT collection and experiment in shape and dimension. Hexis combines the generative madness of an algorithm with the soft guidance of an artist’s hand.

New episode every Friday at 09:00 et at

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